A good day to start

Just had lunch with my wife over WhatsApp, and it turns out today seems to be going our way. Her Covid test has come back negative, and she’s had a positive chat with her boss about her future. Happy days. (Plus she thinks this blog-about-career-change thing is a good idea.)

I allowed myself just one day to get this site done in my two week plan. Mighty ambitious, I thought. Well, 2 hours into it and it’s going really rather well. I is liking this WordPress.com! I hadn’t realized just how similar – well, almost identical – it is to the WordPress.org version. Which is making it all very smooth sailing indeed.

Some minor frustrations – mainly when I want to do something a little bit tricksy like add some custom CSS or a plugin, and I get directed to the premium plan. Which is fine actually, because that plan is still very reasonable, but when I started this I said I’d only allow myself to see what was possible on the most basic plan available.

I had hoped that I’d have a reason to get in touch with a Happiness Engineer to experience that process from the customer side. Of course I’d also hoped I wouldn’t as that would mean this product is so good I don’t need help. (Particularly as I do have some experience with WordPress.) Either way, no reason yet, and I’m not sure I will have any truly pressing need. Plenty of time yet though. And if nothing comes up naturally, maybe I’ll dig around for something to put to them.

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